Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TrackR Bravo Bluetooth tags

There may be some crowdfunded projects that never see the light of day, but TrackR was one where things went reasonably well... and one year after their first successful project, they're back for more with slightly thinner bluetooth tags.

Everyone that has completed a project knows that the time when we complete it is the time we feel we know everything we needed to know to actually begin it from scratch. In a sense that's precisely what the TrackR team has done, putting all they've learned behind a new and improved bluetooth tracker: Trackr Bravo.

Like the original TrackR's it allows you to keep your precious items in check, alerting you should you ever leave anything behind - and with the crowdsourced location feature that promises to find your lost gadgets should any TrackR user pass in the proximity of a lost TrackR. But now, the TrackR Braco is even thinner at  just 3.5mm (not that the original ones were much thicker, at 4mm) and with a simpler battery replacement system.

Price starts at $29, but the best deal is for you to bunch up with a few friends and opt for the 10 pack which will cost you $99 - ending up in less that $10 per tracker - which is a lot more inline with what we'd hope for for such a device.

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