Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SwiftKey is now free... with in-app purchases

SwiftKey is considered one of the best predictive keyboards on Android, and now has become even better - not only due to its latest new features, but also thanks to becoming... free!

What's the catch? Well, there's no catch. The development team simply decided it was the best way to expand its user base, opting for a successful formula that is working great for many other apps and games: the freemium model. SwiftKey is now free to use - but you get to support the team by buying special themes in the new SwiftKey Store.

If you've paid for the app and think it's unfair, SwiftKey has you covered as well, offering a special 10 theme Premier Pack valued at $4.99.

Besides those great news, SwiftKey is now using a nicer default theme, and also gets an option to always display an additional number row on the keyboard (best way to put all that extra screen space to use) so you don't have to constantly toggle between letters/numbers or long-press the respective keys; and you also get emoji emoticons as well.

Keep in mind that the best feature in SwiftKey - it's predictive typing engine - learns with you. So, if you're willing to try it, be sure to use it for a couple of days before making a decision regarding its capabilities.

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