Friday, June 27, 2014

Moto 360 black screen section is already being criticized

We've got to love the internet - the Moto 360 might be causing lots of people reconsidering using something on their wrists, but there already those that say that it should actually be called Moto 324 due to the unused black portion on the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately, that's one of those things you can't (currently) do much about it. LCD screens need additional electronic components around it, called column/row drivers, that are responsible for selecting and activating each row and column of pixels.

[column drivers up close (the small dots at the bottom are pixels)]

LCD manufactures have been struggling to reduce this space, and you can see the progress that has been made when looking at devices like LG's G2 and G3, with extra-thin bezels. But although the side bezels are thin, they still require a bottom (or top) section this these circuits. In a smartphone, that area can easily be concealed... but in a cicular watch face... not so much.

Maybe Sharp's irregular LCD screens technique will allow for a LCD screen to be completely bezel-less and with no unused "dead space". In any case, keep in mind we're only seeing the first generation of this new device. When you look back at everything we've accomplished in the past few years... it won't be that hard to believe that, perhaps this time next year, we'll be looking at a Moto 360 v2.0 with a circular screen that no longer requires that small band on the bottom.

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