Saturday, June 28, 2014

GSM Location Tracker for less than $18

You don't need to be a secret spy to want to know where something or someone are. If you wanted to track your car, or a familiy member, maybe you've thought of throwing a smartphone at the problem - but what if I told you can get it done for less than $18 with a ver small box?

This GSM/GPRS location tracker is a tiny box that you can hide in your car, or put in your children backpack, or in the pocket of an elderly person, and that allows you to know where they are at any time. Sure, you'll need to supply a SIM card for it to work (best way is for you to choose some kind of family plan with unlimited SMS) and from then on, you can simply ring its number in order to receive a SMS with its current location and a link to see it on the map.

From what I could tell, this box doesn't actually use GPS, but relies solely in the GSM location data from the cell towers - so, that means you might get only an approximate location with quite a large search radius (I couldn't confirm it though). The spec state a7 day battery life, and it also supports emergency SOS calls for preset numbers; as well as voice calls.

If you can't sleep well at night figuring you might wake up and find an empty place where you've parked your car and "need" to be able to track it down; then you now you can fix that for less than $18. Could you do any better?

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