Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apple orders 70 to 80 million iPhone 6 screens

There's no doubt every company expects their upcoming products to be a huge success, but when it comes to put your money where your mouth is... things become a little more serious. Not so with Apple, that seems to believe their new iPhone 6 models to become an even bigger success that the previous launches.

For the iPhone 5S/5c launch, Apple had ordered 50-60 million; for the new iPhone 6 their upping the ante ordering 70-80 million screens to their suppliers. That's a lot of screens and a lot of devices, and one can only imagine how much of those will be 4.7" screens, and how many will be the bigger 5.5". (The market seems to favor the larger screen devices; but traditionally, iPhone users are more likely to prefer more compact models - not that they had any other options to choose from, so far.)

If all those millions sound crazy, we must also take into consideration that Apple is offering their products on China Mobile, a telecom operator that is nearly reaching 800 million subscribers - which alone, would be a good bet to put the production line into overdrive mode. But, we'll have to see how the market reacts to the usually expensive new iPhones, when there are excellent devices coming out at ever cheaper prices (and the new Nexus 6 should be launched about that same time, which might also make some dent in the iPhone adoption rate, now that it will have a much nicer looking "material" interface.)

Who's not waiting for the new iPhone 6 to launch to begin with it's joking campaigns is Samsung, that is already revving up their satirical videos:

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