Wednesday, July 23, 2014

LG shows flexible rollable OLED screen

LG says rollable transparent OLED screens will be widely available by 2017, but no matter how much we try to envision that... it's still a bit of a mind twister seeing it happen right now.

After the press release images, it's not time to see the much more impressive videos, and see just what sort of "abuse" their flexible 18" OLED screen can endure - which means rolling it into a tube just 3cm in diameter.

It seems to me that, just like for young children today every screen is intrinsically a touch screen (as I can attest each and every day, with my toddler wanting to touch and move things around on the TV screen), for the next generation screen will no longer be rigid flat surfaces but will be bendable flexible ones. Ones that you can roll and carry around wherever you go.

As for the transparent OLED, there aren't many details about it, other than it has a record 30% light transmittance. Maybe in the future this kind of transparent screens will have variable transparency, allowing us to turn them as transparent as a pane of glass, or completely dark if we wish extra privacy or enhanced visual quality. That would take care of it. :)

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