Monday, July 14, 2014

Ingress for iOS available for iPhone and iPad

It's has been nearly two years since Google launched it's mysterious Ingress a world-game for Android that was only available by invite - until about a year later it finally opened up for everyone (with an Android, that is) who wanted to play it. iOS users have since lost nearly all hopes of joining in... but now they can :Ingress is finally available for iOS.

Yes, you're reading it right Ingress is available for iPhones and iPads right now, allowing iOS users to join the battle between the Resistance and Enlightened (you'll have to choose your faction, but rest assured the fun factor is the same no matter which side you choose). Ingress is played on the world map, with each faction battling for the control of "portals" (real-life points of interest, like monuments, sculptures, etc.) and then joining them up with "power lines" in order to create control fields that will make them more powerful than the opposing side.

As you need to be at the actual places to take control of those portals, Ingress is a game that will make you walk and drive around a lot more - and in the process might make you know stuff you had around you that you never noticed.

Ingress is not for all. Lots of people fail to see any interest in this kind of geo-localized games; for others, it becomes incredibly addictive. So, be warned... if you begin taking detours on your way home, just so you can go past a few extra portals, then you'll know you're hitched. Fair warning: if you do intend to play Ingress, you better invest in a portable battery - don't tell me I didn't warn you! :)

Green or blue, Resistance or Enlightened, take your pick and welcome to the fight!

[Ingress on App Store - via Google Plus]

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