Saturday, July 12, 2014

Statement High Quality Lightning Cable

Apple may have simplified its cables and connectors with the Lightning system, but that didn't make their own cables any better. Just like the old ones, they're prone to "desintegrate" under heavy use, in part thanks to the lack of adequate strain-relief protection (because, as it's used to say, adding it would "ruin" the cable's design). But now Statement wants to change that, providing high quality and certified Lightning cables for your Apple devices.

These Statement WKW are already a huge success in Indiegogo, proving there are lots of people interested in quality Lightning cables for their devices.

Having several quality USB and audio cables around, I can personally attest to the difference they make - not in an "audiophile" sort of way that they work better - but in a physical sense on how you handle it and how they feel. It's completely different to handle a cable that seems that will fall apart at any time and that is always tangled; and handling one that doesn't.

The only thing left is the price, and these Statement WKW Apple certified cables cost $30. Here in Portugal, with Apple's official cables costing nearly $26, that price is a more than justifiable price premium; but in the US, with Apple's cable costing $19, it might be a bit harder to justify paying a third more. But, just for the looks of it, I'd definitely say they're worth it.

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