Friday, July 11, 2014

Dropcam gains custom motion detection zones

Once, one could only dream with the possibility of being able to keep an eye on our homes no matter where we were; today, any one can do it without spending a fortune, though you'll have to mess with some complex configurations. Dropcam has become quite popular by allowing you to do it in a much simpler way, and now it gets even better by allowing you to create custom activity areas.

Let's face it: having a camera at home is nice, but after the first couple of days, you'll realize you won't spend your entire day looking at it; nor do you want to receive a motion alert every time someone heads to the living room or a pet wanders by. Now you'll be able to do just that with the new custom activity zones in Dropcam.

Now you can simply draw your areas of interest, be it a hall, window, door, and receive specific alerts for each zone - or not, if it's an area you're not interested in, in which you simply desire to ignore any alerts. You can still check for motion outside the defined activity zones, if you want; but the nice part is that you'll now get more informative alerts, like: "motion detected at the door / window / hall / driveway / etc."

The only drawback is that for this feature to work, you'll need to subscribe to one of their cloud-based recording plans (1 week or 1 month of video, starting at $99/year). But the nice part about it is, once you create a new activity zone, you'll be able to retroactively see when they had activity going as far back as your cloud storage allows.

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