Thursday, July 10, 2014

LG promises "rollable" OLED TV screens for 2017

If you'd like a big screen TV but worry about how you'd be able to carry it home and place it where you want it, you may be just a couple of years away from being able to simple head to a store, pick up a tube and simply unroll your TV when you get home.

LG is investing a lot in flexible screens and its latest OLED prototype can not only flex and bend, but be rolled into a tube just a 1.5in in diameter. It's a small 18" (1200x810px) screen, but LG says that by 2017 they'll have 60" rollable screens.

Besides rollable screens, LG also showed a transparent OLED screen with 3 times the transmittance of existing see-through LCD displays, providing higher contrast and higher quality images. Maybe we're not that far away from a future where we'll be able to unroll these screens over our windows and create the digital surround environments of our choosing. Want a room with a view for a Caribbean paradise? Or what about a mountain view over the Rocky Mountains? Maybe it will be just a button press away...

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