Thursday, July 17, 2014

Microsoft puts an end to the Android Nokia X "experiment"

If you were one of the people that didn't quite understand why Microsoft would have a Nokia X line of products with a "sort of Android", then you'll be pleased to know that MS's new CEO agrees with you, and has put an end to it.

Satya Nadella has made an announcement where it says (among other things, like, that MS will cut 18000 jobs) that the future Nokia X products will run Windows Phone and be integrated with the Nokia Lumia family. A statement that in layman's terms could be read as "stop playing around with Android and focus on our own platform!"

Not that the Nokia X was doing great. In fact, anyone betting on it would have seen the upcoming X2 models as a sign of things to come; with MS/Nokia saying the original devices wouldn't be upgradable to the new X2 system. Now, it's the CEO himself that says that even the X2 line is already "dead" even before it reaches the stores.

If you were thinking about, possibly, maybe, buying a Nokia X/X2, then you should have your decision made for you: don't even think about it! If you want an Android, get a real Android; if you want a MS/Nokia device, get a Lumia (and hope it will be upgradable to the upcoming Windows Phone  "9" when it launches next year...)

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