Thursday, July 31, 2014

NomadPlus makes your iPhone charger mobile

You've probably heard of Nomad before. They have some clever power charging cable-adaptors that are sure to have caught your eye; and now they're back with a very clever system that allows us to turn a regular iPhone wall charger into a portable battery you can take anywhere.

This NomadPlus is a small battery case that you can insert your standard Apple charger into, making it a ver compact and elegant way to carry a portable battery without worrying about an extra item to lug around or that you may forget somewhere. Sure, it's not the most "spacious" mobile battery around, but that means it also doesn't weigh much or becomes too bulky for you to (re)consider bringing it along; and it's 1500mAh capacity is enough to bring a dead iPhone 5S back to a more useful 70% battery level, which should be enough to get you through until you're nearby a wall plug or a powered USB port.

The NomadPlus will only start shipping late November, but you can preorder it right now for $39 - and if you're lucky enough you'll be able to cut that in half with the promocode "nomadplus". If that promocode is already gone, you'll still be able to get a 20% discount by referring some friends (and get a $10 credit for each and every one that ends up buying a NomadPlus.)

Though I'd personally prefer to have a larger battery at the expense of slightly added weight and volume - particularly now that we have the battery-eating Ingress on iOS - I do think the NomadPlus to be a really great idea and device we should all add to our "collection". ;)

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