Friday, August 1, 2014

Timeful helps you make the most of your time

Are you constantly struggling to keep your scheduled events and to-do tasks in check? Do you feel you never have enough time for anything? Then you'll definitely want to try out this Timeful app for iOS, that promises to help you find time for everything you wish to do.

It's kind of sad that many of us have become prisoners of their gadgets. We set up tasks and events and to-do lists, but most of the time we end up just rescheduling it and adding more stuff... until we have an endless list of things that overbear us and make us want to forget about it all. With Timeful, looking at what you'll have to do during the day should prove to be a much more manageable experience.

Timeful combines calendar and to-do list time management, and even adds a few extra tidbits, such as "good habits" that are for things you'd like to do whenever you have the chance to. You can also set up your work and home location and your most productive time (morning, afternoon, evening). With all that, timeful will suggest the things you might want to do at the most appropriate time, and allow you to easily rearrange things - making the most out of your time and avoiding "wasting" it.

Timeful won't miraculously make your days last 48h - but if you regularly struggle with an ever growing list of to-do's that you cant's seem to get rid of, then you won't lose anything by trying it out and see if, at least for once, you can get technology to help you instead of just remind you how can't do as much as you'd like.

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