Monday, July 28, 2014

Silent Beacon - a panic button for your smartphone

We often talk computer safety in this digital age, but even more important is our own personal safety. Unfortunately, just like in the digital version, this is something most people only take seriously after dealing with dangerous situations. And those will make you wish you had one of these Silent Beacon bluetooth buttons with you.

These kind of situations happen fast and unexpectedly. Often people think they'll have the chance to reach for their smartphone and call for help, but most of the time you might not have the chance to do so. With one of these Silent Beacon you'll be much more likely to be able to use it, as it will just take a very inconspicuous button press for you to send alert messages and GPS location to friends and family (and even a specialized call center). The alerts are sent via SMS, email, push notifications and more, and you also get the added benefit that the Silent Beacon will also act as a microphone, allowing your primary alert contact to listen to what is happening and provide a better awareness even if your smartphone is still hidden inside a purse or bag.

Starting at just $60, it may seem a lot. But should you ever have to face one of these critical situations, I'm sure you'll end up thinking that it is actually a very small price for a device that might help get you out of it.

[Official site: Silent Beacon]

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