Saturday, July 26, 2014

What is quantum computing?

In the beginning, there were ones and zeros, and all was logical. But then came quantum computing... and no one understood what everyone was talking about, or nor, or both... Welcome to the quantum world, and today we'll try and make some sense out of it (or maybe not.)

Before we go deeper into it, just let me tell you that it won't be me that will do the explaining, as I'm - like everybody else - just as lost as you when it comes to quantum computing. Microsoft also thinks so, and that's why they're trying to explain it. It's quite a long read (but interesting if you're into it), but luckily you also get a shorter video version.

Just like traditional computer chips deal in bits, having just 1 or 0 status; quantum computers deal with qubits (quantum bits), that thanks to their properties allow them to have multiple states simultaneously. It really doesn't make any logical sense for any common person, but that's the way they work. And it's precisely because of that, that researchers hope to explore it to find solutions to problems that traditional computing would take "forever" to calculate.

Once again, I just get lost trying to figure out a qubit that can be both 0 and 1 at the same time. So, I'll leave you with the video, and let you to figure it out for yourselves. :)

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