Friday, July 25, 2014

Smart Keychain - a pager-inspired keychain

It seems the market is craving for wearable devices that can show notifications from your smartphone. The smartwatch craze is what we all know, and now we have a Smart Keychain project showing up on Indiegogo that seems an original idea... unless you've been around for a while and still remember last century's pagers.

This Smart Keychain aims to be a versatile multi-purpose digital tool, working as a regular USB pen as well as a item locator (your keys, hopefully) and as a secondary screen for notifications and alerts. It's the kind of thing someone interested in wearables but not willing to wear a wristwatch might find interesting and original. Until you though of the old trusty pagers, like the one's from Coca-Cola in the 90's that became a huge hit - at least here in Portugal. :)

With prices starting at $59, this can actually be a good deal, even if just for the locator part that will - hopefully - make losing your keys a thing of the past. The USB storage is nice to have; but for the notification screen part, that will be highly dependent on how you usually deal with your keys and keychains. If, like me, you usually keep your keys tucked away somewhere, I don't think that it will more practical to go for your keychain to read something than it will be to go for the real deal (your smartphone). But... that's something for each one to consider.

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