Friday, July 4, 2014

This is how the new iPhone 6 will look like

Looks  like the time where Apple could keep secrets are long gone, as today there is no shortage of "alleged" iPhone parts popping up all over the internet. The sheer number of which is enough to give credibility to how the next iPhone 6 will look like, and a duo of designers decided to compile all into some concept renderings that should be pretty close to what we'll get next September.

Besides the larger dimensions (not apparent here, due to the lack of a scale comparison), there is no "revolutionary" differences between the new iPhone 6 and the previous models. It sill keeps the same "iPhone look" introduced with the iPhone 4, and the only big change being the power/sleep button repositioned from the top to the right side of the device. The sharp edges now give way to a more rounded design, something you can already check out today in the iPod Touch, and that will surely help "minimize" its larger dimensions.

This new iPhone 6 design is practically assured, but what I'm more curious about is to find out how Apple will handle the need for a cheaper iPhone. Their own internal reports show that the "budget" segment is quite important. Will they do something about it, or will they keep the same policy of simply offering "last year's" models at reduced prices, and leaving up to the second hand market the answer for all those looking for cheaper iPhones?

Not to mention, this year's "investiment" will also be accompanied by a very likely companion device: the iWatch... and it will be harder than ever for Apple to ask for $600-700 for a new iPhone, plus $300 or more for a iWatch, when you could simply pay a fraction of that for highly desirable and capable Android devices.

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