Saturday, July 5, 2014

Smarty Pins puts your knowledge to the test on Google Maps

Do you know where things happened? How about putting that to the test, and put your markers on the map? That's precisely what you can do with Google's new Smarty Pins trivia game.

This Smarty Pins is a trivia game you play over Google Maps. You'll face multiple questions (you can choose different categories, to you liking: Art, Science, Sports, History, etc.) and you'll have to answer by placing the marker on the spot you think is right. If you answer correctly, well done; if not, you'll use up your error margin miles, subtracting the distance to the correct point. Thankfully, Google places you in the "general area", so you'll never risk losing right away... unless you opt to fly halfway around the world to place your answer.

Unfortunately (for me), the questions I got had mostly to do with british trivia, which I'm not really that much into (with nearly 1000 years of History, Portugal has enough going on to keep me occupied - and it's a shame Google didn't use each countries history for localized questions). But, I guess you might have better luck, if you're in the UK, USA, or other larger countries that should have received better treatment. And if all else fails, just give it a try anyway, there are still a number of generic world-wide trivia questions that will keep you entertained.

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