Monday, July 7, 2014

Are the smart people at Google straying away from reality?

No one denies Google employs some of the most intelligent people on the planet, and they need to in order to stay ahead of its competitors. But, have you ever felt looking at something they did and wonder: "How could anyone approve this? Have they even tried using it themselves?" Well, you're not alone.

Avery Pennarun is an engineer at Google Fiber, and he says that all that smart people at Google are straying away from the "real world".

An over-confident and isolated "genius" workforce may produce wonders, but when they start worrying more about the approval ratings of their products and dismissing any and all end-user criticism as being "change-averse" things can quickly get out of control. And that's what he thinks is starting to happen at Google.

I can't stop thinking about the absurd thing I have to face each and every day on Google's own Gmail app for Google's own Android. You see, I like to have the swipe to delete gesture; but I also would like to have both the delete and the archive buttons available. The issue is: if you have just the delete button visible, you get the swip to delete gesture; but you if happen to chose both buttons, then the "swipe to delete" option suddenly becomes a "swipe to archive"!

Who at Google decided that options that change meaning depending on other options made any sense!?! If I want to swipe to delete why do they insist on rebranding it a swip to archive just because I toggled a different option that should only affect which buttons are visible or not?

Let's see if Avery's post has any impact at Google... and I'd like to see that happening by the launch of a new Gmail app that let's go of this absurd multi-changing options.

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