Wednesday, August 6, 2014

iSensor HD camera relies on Skype for notifications and video streaming

There's no shortage of IP security cameras, with WiFi pan-tilt models easily found for less than $100. There are even some that can use YouTube as a form of "unlimited" storage space for recordings. But using Skype, this is something I think this iSensor HD camera is the first to use.

The iSensor HD camera by Amaryllo has already largely surpassed its Indiegogo campaign, and it tries to standout in an area where that doesn't seem easy to do. After all... a camera is just a camera, right? The iSensor HD is a 720p HD camera with a very compact size, and with 180º pan capability (using an iPhone you can simply tilt your phone to move the camera around). It also has a USB plug that allows you to directly plug it into a computer or USB power adapter, no cables needed (though you also get a wall support for traditional installation).

You also get an included microSD card (a nice touch), and a wide assortment of features such as motion and noise detection.

But the most curious thing about it is that the iSensor HD camera relies on the Skype network for control and video streaming. A clever way to bypass the security issues and take advantage of all the improvements Skype has done (and will continue to do), such as adaptive video stream quality depending on your connection speed.

If you're interested, the iSensor HD can still be had for just $99 with a promised delivery date for September 2014.

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