Thursday, August 7, 2014

DecryptoLocker unlocks your CryptoLocker locked files for free

Right in the wake of  Synology crypto attacks, two security firms joined forced to bring us a free solution for everyone facing the ransom demands of thr CryptoLocker malware.

If you can imagine how terrible it would be to turn your PC and find that all your data was gone due to some hard drive malfunction, just imagine how you would feel if you saw a message pop up telling you all your files had been encrypted and you would need to pay $400 to get them back. This type of malware is known as ransomware and it has earned millions to the people behind it.

But now you may be off the hook, as this DecryptoLocker promises to unlock your files for free!

This tool was made possible because security researchers were able to get the attackers database, which was being stored in pieces in a botnet. They were able to infect the botnet and gain control of some nodes, and began piecing it all back together. Now, affected users need only send a small, non critical, encrypted file back to them so they can send you back the key to unlock your valuable files. This may already happen to late for all those that considered their files lost forever (or paid for recovering it), but it still might be useful to many.

Just consider this to be the perfect warning to have a reliable backup procedure at hand. One that not only saves you from faulty hard drives; but also this kind of crypto attack; undesirable cloud syncing issues; and even that your NAS can be the target of such attacks. Believe me when I tell you you'll prefer to spend $400 in external hard drives and/or online backup services, than having to pay some ransom demand for your data.

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