Friday, August 8, 2014

Navdy car HUD connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth

While some cars already use HUD technology to project information in the windshield, this is still rare - though this is the kind of technology most drivers wouldn't mind having; especially if besides the car info it could show information from their smartphones, like this Navdy does.

The Navdy HUD is a small unit that is meant to be placed in front of the driver, over the traditional car instrument panel, so that its translucid  screen is "in front" of the driver's eyes. The device connects to your car via ODB II, allowing it to show info from the car itself; and via bluetooth to your smartphone. It's this second connection that allows you to use it to read and write messages, see who's calling you, use navigation apps, and so on.

Their creators say that you'll be able to easily see what Navdy is displaying, even under the brightest Sun; and you also get an additional feature that will impress everyone... Navdy has a camera that allows you to interact with it via gestures - though I'd personally prefer if it was used to also check for driver fatigue as well (maybe in a future update?)

Navdy will cost $499 when it arrives on market, but until then you'll be able to preorder it for just $299.

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