Saturday, August 9, 2014

What to expect from the iPhone 6

We're exactly a month away from getting to know the Apple's new iPhone 6 da Apple (scheduled for September 9th), the perfect time to gather all the rumors and see what we can expect from these new iPhones.

The most substantial change will be its size. The iPhone 6 will say grow bigger... and bigger; using a 4.7 and 5.5" screens, saying goodbye to the 4" screen introduced with the iPhone 5. It's something that the market wants, and all that is left to know is see if Apple will keep the resolution unchanged, or if we'll see a new doubling like the in the first "retina" screens. (I hope Apple does double the screen resolution again, as the current pixel count will become glaringly noticeable in the larger iPhone.) These screens will be protected by a slightly harder glass coating, though not 100% saphire.

Inside we should get a new 64bit CPU: the A8. A much faster (2.0GHz vs 1.3GHz of the current A7) CPU that should double performance once again, while keeping the same battery life. I also hope Apple improves the flash speed and increases RAM to 2GB - it's time we say goodbye to those dreadful "loading..." progress indicators that we still see in some apps, no matter how much faster our smartphones get.

We should also get a faster WiFi 802.11ac and LTE Cat 6 (cellular speeds up to 300Mbps) and some say that Apple will finally give in and add NFC support so it can "talk" to the latest wireless bank cards - though I wouldn't bet on it, seeing how much Apple has been pushing iBeacon technology (which is different, I know.)

The TouchID sensor should also get a slight upgrade based on the iPhone 5S results (which kind of goes hand in hand with my initial claim that the 5S would be a beta-testing "test bed" for the next generation), with iOS8 finally allowing to use it for more than just unlocking the iPhone and authenticating your App Store transactions.

To top it off, we should also get improved cameras, with better low light senstivity (even in video), and maybe even Ultra HD 4K video recording. I just hope Apple doesn't follow suite in upping the pixel count just "because". I'd prefer they'd keep a 8MP camera with enhanced quality than simply go for 13MP or 20MP cameras, just for the sake of it (also - I prefer a 3MB photo file that I can use, than a 6-10MB photo that is mostly pixel "noise").

... Gradual improvements that some will say are just "more of the same", but considering "more of the same" has been doing great for Apple for the last couple of years I see no reason in changing that approach - other than capitulating on the "perfect" screen size issue. Apple has no doubt the new iPhones will be a huge success, ordering up to 80 million parts for the launch window, more than ever before.

Now the question is... will there be a "one more thing" that will take the public by surprise like in the Steve Jobs era, or has Apple became unable to "wow" users with something unexpected?

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