Monday, August 25, 2014

LG Watch R algo has a circular display

Motorola's Moto 360 may be one of the most anticipated smartwatches ever, in large part due to it's uncommon circular display, but it looks like LG isn't far behind. In fact, we may even end up seeing this LG Watch R arrive on market before the Moto 360.

LG already has a Android Wear smartwatch on the market: the LG Watch. But besides the fact that it has an always on screen, there's little to make it stand out from all the other smartwatches around. Meaning, its rectangular format doesn't making as "unique" as the (mostly) circular Moto 360. But it seems LG is about to round things up with their new LG Watch R that will be presented at IFA 2014 (Sep. 5-10 in Berlin).

It would be a bit (a lot?) awkward that, while Motorola is announcing the Moto360 - but has not provided an official launch date - LG would bring the Watch R to market and steal all it's thunder. Not to mention that the LG Watch R seems to have a complete circular screen, with no "dead zone" in the bottom section

Sure, we'll still need to see how the rest of the LG Watch R, if it has a premium metal build, if it has wireless charging, if it has a bezel-less design, etc. But as far as circular screens go, Motorola seems have delayed their Moto360 to the point where it won't be as exclusive as they might have wished.

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