Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Microsoft combines Photosynth with Hyperlapse for amazing videos

Microsoft has brought us amazing research projects, and now it bring us a new one that may end the endless stream of long (boring) shaky videos our friends force us to watch: a hyperlapse tool that can make any first person video look amazing - with a little help from Photosynth technology.

Timelapse videos are usually amazing, making time fly by and turning days into seconds. Sometimes these video have the camera moving slightly, for added effect. But if you want to go a little bit futher then you're into hyperlapse territory, making thr timelapse travel throught space at high speed as well as through time.

This is a technique that requires a lot of post-processing in order to make it look right. You've probably already tried speeding up a video you've recorded while walking: the result is usually a shaky mess that is barely watchable. Now Microsoft brings us an amazing hyperlapse tool that will fix all that.

This tool works in a similar way to photosynth. Each frame is analyzed and used to reconstruct a 3D scene of your recording, and then an "ideal path" is calculated. Afterward, the system renders a final video, that looks like it was professionaly shot (and that isn't as easy as you could think, requiring the reconstruction of frames based on multiple future/previous frames - as the "ideal" shot may not be fully visible in the required frame.

This may mean the end is near for all those that have to endure for hours at a time watching a video that was extremely exciting to record... but isn't really that amazing to watch when sat at a living room.

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