Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Qnovo promises faster and better battery charging

New and improved battery technologies news frequently pop up every now and then. But the years go by and little or nothing changes. Qnovo has a new approach: instead of promising a new battery technology that will likely be decades away, it brings us a software approach that aims to make the most of current generation batteries.

No, this time it's not one of those fake "battery upgrading apps". What Qnovo system does is real and has real results. You've probably wondered why you have to wait hours to recharge your smartphone or tablet. The problem is that battery charging is a highly stressful affair to the battery cells, so it has to be done "gently". Too fast and you'll damage the cells reducing it's capacity and lifetime; too slow and you won't put up with waiting for it.

Qnovo system simply keeps track of the charging process more closely, charging the battery as fast as possible... without stepping over to the "damaging" part. This allows for each charging cycle to adapt to the current battery and ambient conditions, instead of relying on fixed preset "safe" battery charging rates.

According to them, a 15 minute charge, that would allow a regular system to get 1.5h of talk time, would be enough to have 6h of talk time using the Qnovo technology. And this faster charge cycles would also ensure that your battery lasts for as long as it possibly can.

Let's hope Qnovo tech does make its way to market... soon.

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