Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alba aims to be the 1st truly smart lamp that makes your forget wall switches

LED smart lamps are popping up by the dozen, but after the first couple of days where you'll be playing with it and showing your friends how you can change colors using  a smartphone app, you'll slowly realize most of the time it's more practical to simply use your wall switch rather than carry your smartphone with you at all times and having to launch an app whenver you want to switch a lamp on or off. Alba promises to be different...

The true "smart" devices aren't devices that burden you with added thousands of options, but the ones that allow you to forget they're even there. And that's precisely what Alba aims to do.

Alba might be a big LED lamp, but it has integrated motion sensors that allow it to sense when there's someone around and it needs to light up. Also, it has the smarts to tune it's color temperature depending on the time of day, so you can have a refreshing light in the morning and a more relaxing one in the evening. All without having to manually choose among preset scenes or flicking wall switches.

A initial kit with two lamps and ZigBee hub will cost $150, with additional lamps costing and extra $60 - and it has the added benefit of being compatible with HomeKit, Google's NEST, and (soon) IFTTT.

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