Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apple hides iPhone 6 camera bulge in official images

Apple's new iPhone 6 may be thinner than ever, but there's a slight bulge in the camera lens that otherwise "ruins" its sleek slim design. And it seems Apple isn't too happy about it either, to the point of actually hiding it from its own official images on their site.

You just need to visit Apple's official iPhone 6 page, as well as its design page and Apple Pay to find that every profile image of the new iPhones has the camera bulge missing. Only in angled images we get to see the existing camera bump.

In every other company, this could simply be dismissed as a simple error; but with Apple's traditional attention to every tiny detail... it's quite hard to believe this is the case; more so when it spans several sections and pages, and is present in high profile images.

But... let's check what happens with the iPod Touch, that was the first device using this new iPhone 6 design, and where we also had a camera bulge.

On the iPod Touch page we get to see the camera bulge in its side view image. But if you go to the design section... there you have it again. Or more so: there you don't have it again! The camera bulge has been erased as well not to disrupt the sleek slim profile.

So... what does this mean? Is Apple trying to hide the fact that the iPhone 6 has in fact a camera bulge? Are they unhappy about it? Why should they even dare trying to hide something that will become even more apparent now that everyone will know they're hiding it?

It really makes us think what is happening at Apple, and how such a think was even allowed...

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