Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ultra HD 4K video recording on the iPhone 5S... for $999.99

It was a bit odd to see Apple's new iPhone 6 didn't have 4K video support when so many high-end (and even medium-range) smartphones on the market already have it. But if you really want to shoot 4K video using your iPhone 5S and don't mind paying handsomely for it, there's an app for that.

This Vizzywig 4K shoots 4K video on your iPhone 5S using a clever trick. It shoots 4K photos at 24fps and then uses it to create the video with synced audio. The thing is... this apps costs a staggering $999.99!

No matter how good the app is, or the long tradition Vuzzywig has in the video apps category on iOS, it's an absurd amount of money. An amount that would be more than enough for you to get a couple of LG G3 smartphones, with native 4K video recording capability - and 2560x1440 pixel screens!

No wonder the developer promises a VIP assistance by phone for anyone buying this app - we could even throw in an extra iPhone 5S so you could record 3D 4K video. It's a nice try. Even though I admire him pulling off the 4K video recording on a 5S... I can't simply understand why anyone would pay so much for an app... considering you can get real 4K cameras for half that amount.

But hey... best of luck anyway!

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