Monday, September 15, 2014

iPhone 6 sets new pre-order record in 24h

Looks like even iPhone users have conceded that "bigger is better". The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have set a new pre-order record, topping 4 million orders in the first 24h.

It's a pity Apple doesn't discriminate between units to see if the majority has opted for the bigger 6 Plus or stayed faithful to the smaller iPhone - but I wouldn't be surprised to see things "neck and neck", as the larger iPhone is actually the one I would prefer buying, with the added resolution, battery life, and optical stabilized camera (though it has a size larger that I'd be willing to consider, so... no chance).

Even with this record, things have been far from smooth. Thousands of users were unable to order their iPhones due to the system being overloaded with all the users trying to assure a spot in the first lot of devices, which might have helped push the record a bit higher.

In fact, I suspect we'll face some more frustrations in the following days, with the iOS 8 launch fast approaching, and "doomed" to once again cause slow updates as millions and millions of users rush to get iOS8 for their devices (maybe someone should just tell Apple there are proven ways to make this sort of content reach millions of users and taking advantage of "the more the better" - it's called BitTorrent). Anyway, sometimes is best not to be first inline, and wait a couple of day to make sure everything is indeed working as it should. After all, what do you think to be better: using your "trusted old iOS 7" for a few more days, knowing it works; or risk upgrading to iOS8 and facing some potential hard to find bug that will make your life miserable until it gets fixed?

Be sure to consider that when iOS8 comes out two days from now.

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