Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Complete iPhone 6 shows up in russian video

We're a week away from the new iPhone 6 presentation, and as expected there's no shortage in rumors and leaks. Today I bring you one of the best videos so far that shows us how the iPhone 6 will be.

Unlike the other iPhone 6 cases we've already seen, this seems to be a nearly complete iPhone 6 (though not functional), that allows us to get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Just like we've mentioned previously, the inspiration for the new iPhone 6 won't be nothing new. If you have ever seen and handled one of the latest iPod Touch, you'll know exactly what you get - though in a larger form factor. You'll also now how, no matter how it looks in the photos, actually handling it will feel "incredible" (though I'd gladly trade its slim factor for a larger battery at the expense of an extra millimeter or so).

And yes, like in the iPod Touch you'll have to endure the slightly raised camera lens (though you won't notice it should you use a protective case anyway).

The Apple logo seems to be made in liquid metal; and inside there seems to be a new A8 processor and also... NFC. Something that may seem like a concession by Apple, after promoting the iBeacons, but that was probably required to accelerate Apple's digital wallet (they've been in talks with Visa, Mastercard and AmEx).

Here's the video, and don't forget to turn on the captions should your russian be a bit rusty. :)

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