Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has unveiled their new gadgets at IFA, and among the expected things, there was one that particularly caught our attention: the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung has unveiled their new Galaxy Note 4 (with an amazing 2560x1440 5.7" Super AMOLED screen), the Gear S (a smartwatch with 3G connection and GPS that can work without relying on a "master" smartphone), and the Gear VR (a head strap/support device that allows you to use a Note 4 as a VR headset). But it's the Galaxy Note Edge that caught our attention, because it brings to the market the prototype we've seen last year.

The Note Edge has a 5.6" 2560x1440 OLED screen, but you'll notice something strange about it, as instead of being completely flat, it wraps around the right edge of the device, making it... original.

The edge part can act as a completely separate screen, allowing you to set shortcut and even display notifications while the rest of the screen is off - but it remains to be seen if Samsung's implementation is enough to make the most out of this novelty feature (I sure hope so, as multi-screen experiences well become more and more popular, with smartwatchs, smartglasses, and other wearables that will require information to be gathered and shared around like never before).

So, if you want a smartphone that stands out from the pack, I think this Galaxy Note Edge will do the trick for now. :)

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