Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus bends too easily?

With each new iPhone launch, lots of people wait to see if there's a new "incident" like the infamous antena-gate plaguing the iPhone 4, and that after much denial, prompted a mid-year revamp and the offer of a free bumper/case. Now, some say we're facing a "bend-gate" in regards to the new iPhone 6 Plus, that seems to bend easily even under regular daily conditions if you put them in your front trouser pockets.

Though you might want to keep in mind that we're talking about just a couple of reports - at least for now - among several million units sold; and that the "bending" of smartphones has also been reported in the past years, for the iPhone 5 for instance, and the HTC One as well; we really need to consider if it may actually be a new "bend-gate" incident.

For starters, I personally can't imagine moving around with a iPhone 6 Plus in my back or front pocket. But, that's something I never did with any of my smartphones, even with a 3.5" inch iPhone or Android devices from years ago.

But to really show what's going on, we already have a video that seems to prove you don't need much to bend an iPhone 6 Plus (and most likely, the regular iPhone 6 as well). The unibody chassis seems to have a weak spot right next to the volume buttons that is highly sensitive to any bending force, as it would face in a pocket as you sit and move around.

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple engineers would be revising their design right now, and that a couple of months from now, a new and sturdier iPhone 6 reaches the market. For now, we'll have to wait a bit more to see if this becomes widespread and must be acknowledged by Apple, or if it stays in small enough numbers to be entirely dismissed as "abuse".

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