Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best widgets for iOS8

With the new iOS8 Apple users have now a lot more freedom when it comes to customizing their iOS experience. Things like choosing a different keyboard for their iPhones, or even using widgets in their "today" screen.

While it's true you already had a few widgets available in iOS7, those were restricted to several Apple services. But with the new iOS8 widgets are now available to any developer, and that brings us to some you can use right now.

Considering you'll be able to access these widgets with a single swipe, it makes sense to use things you'll use frequently or need to access in a glance's notice. One such thing are to-do lists, and that's precisely where we start,

If you use OmniFocus you'll be able to add your todo lists to your today screen, allowing you to keep an eye on what you have to do - as well as mark it as done. But if you feel this app is too expensive for you, you can always use the simpler Clear (or even rely on the existing iOS8 reminders app).

One other widget you might find useful (I do) is the one provided by ETA. This app allows you to define a number of destinations and quickly see what's how much time it would take to get there. Now, it becomes much more interesting, as you can put that info right there in the today's screen widget section. Tapping it allows you to quickly launch your favorite navigation app - incluiding Waze.

It's kind of curious that this is something I used to have on Android, via a Google Maps widget; but with the latest version that widget was removed. So... now here I am, having one of my favorite widgets that I had in Android working on iOS... and not existing on Android. What are the odds for that?

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