Saturday, September 27, 2014

Remote repo men can disable your car using their smartphones

We're used to seeing our cars get smarter - and wish them do do so - allowing us to track its position, and even remotely start and stop them. But guess what, you're not the only one that finds that technology useful... repo men also like this kind of things, and it's making their lives a lot easier.

If you're subprime borrower wanting a car, you may be forced to have a monitoring device in your vehicle - a device that not only allows your creditor to track your movements but also shut down your car remotely if you don't pay on time.

Now... I'm not saying you should pay your debts on time; but we all know that real-life has lots of tricky situations that go far beyond anything one might imagine - maybe you're taking a son to a an hospital... and find your car isn't working. And even though these systems allow for a "emergency code" that reactivates the vehicle for a short amount of time, one can imagine they'll shut you down anyway should people start using it frequently as a way to dodge the system.

Though I can understand the loaners point of view, I think this kind of system is simply a way of saying that they don't actually trust the people they're lending money to. And if there's no mutual trust in an agreement... then it all seems very strange to me.

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