Friday, September 5, 2014

Why aren't there any iWatch leaks?

Secrets are hard to keep, and for years Apple has been unable to keep their new devices a secret (long gone are the days where the iPhone or iPad were kept completely secret). So, if we saw the upcoming iPhone 6 months ahead from it's official presentation date (next Sept. 9th), why haven't we seen anything about the iWatch yet?

Those that have dealt with Apple in pre-launch settings now just how paranoid they can be. For the iPad, some companies were forced to keep the development units in locked rooms with secure access, and kept in bulky boxes that prevented anyone from seeing they final design.

For the iWatch, the same is likely happening right now. With teams around the world working on it, yet having no clue about its final shape - though there's no shortage of artist's concept renderings of what it may look like (though I hope it's nothing like the image above).

But why haven't we seen iWatch parts leak like the iPhone 6? My guess is that Apple has been working on the iWatch as a prototype device, creating a very limited number of units themselves. This would allow them to show the iWatch next week... but their launch will actually still be months away (just like the 1st iPhone).

Whatever it may be, it seems that it will be a revolutionary device, with people quoting Jony Ive saying that Switzerland is in trouble... We'll see about that. :)

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