Monday, October 13, 2014

13GB of "secret" Snapchat leaked on the internet

To prove that there's no point in using an internet service that makes your messages and photos disappear after a while, here's the latest leak scandal: "The Snappening", with 13GB of private photos leaked on the internet.

The case would be unfortunate enough by itself, but becomes even "weirder" because these photos belong to SnapChat, a service that promotes "less decent" photos thanks to it's disappearance after they're seen. Wellm that wasn't the case for thousands and thousand of those photos that are now being traded around the internet.

This time it wasn't (directly) SnapChat's fault, as the leak originated on a different 3rd party service called SnapSave - that has closed month's ago - that allowed Snpachat users to save their "snaps". Now, that archive with all those photos has been grabbed by hackers, and there's no point in denying it will have many photos that weren't meant to be seen by public eyes - including underage nude photos.

This serves to prove the point that nothing you send through the internet, no matter what a service may promise, can actually be considered to be safe. Maybe it would be best to bring back those popups Internet Explorer used to show (maybe it still does) that alert you that everything you send to the internet may be under watch from prying eyes (not exactly in these words, but you get the meaning.) If you use the internet, you better be ready to see everything you do there exposed... sooner or later.

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