Saturday, October 11, 2014

Teens are dropping out of Facebook at an alarming rate

Just a while back Facebook was considered to be the "young people's social network" but it seems that is changing fast, with the percentage of teens (13-19yo) using Facebook dropping below 50% - a substantial cut from the 72% from just a few months ago.

No one questions Facebook is incredibly popular and home to hundreds of millions of users each and every day. But this teenage drop seems to indicate the majority of them may not be too fond of hanging out on a social network that has been overrun by their parents, grandparents, uncles, and pretty much every other grownup they might know.

Of course this drop might also be related to seasonal motives; and Facebook wasn't the only one seeing such a drop; Google+ also experienced an even bigger drop; though Instagram managed to grab some more teens and Twitter, Tumble, Pinterest and Reddit managed to stay roughly the same.

I just wished they had put Snapchat and WhatsApp in there as well, as many teens are now relying on instant messaging more than social networks (and that alone would help understand why Facebook bought WhatsApp for a "bazillion" dollars - ended up being something like more than 20 billion(!) due to the stock prices.

But no matter where they hang out now, I suspect that as soon as parents and other begin invading their space, they'll quickly move somewhere else. I guess our trusted old generation gap really doesn't care about what online services you use... as long as it's not the same they're in.

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