Friday, October 10, 2014

Google Now knows a lot more than Siri and Cortana

Siri, Google Now, Cortana... it seems all major companies are working hard to make our smartphones answer all our questions. But... which one does the best job? Some folks decided to put it to the test, with over 3000 questions, and the results show a clear winner.

Questions like "Who is on the 5 dollar bill"; "What's the capital of Maine"; "How long is Lincoln Tunnel" were some of the 3000+ questions made to these three systems (via voice) and the results show a clear advantage of Google Now over Siri and Cortana. Not only Google Now answers a lot more... but also does it better.

Google shows added relevant information for 58% of the questions, like photos and snippets, compared to 29% and 20% for Siri and Cortana; and when it comes to completely and accurately answering the questions, Google does it 88% of the time; while Siri and Cortana drop to 53% and 40%.

Right now, it seems Google's Knowledge Graph is really the best one to answer us; though Siri counts with the help of the amazing Wolfram Alpha that can provide incredible answers to even the most preposterous questions. Guess this is a sign Siri and Cortana's teams need to work a lot more to improve their products. And we'll all appreciate it.

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