Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Path Talk lets you text stores and businesses

We all know how the SMS and messaging apps took the world by storm, making millions of people prefer typing a short message rather than actually calling someone. So, it seems surprising no one had thought of transposing this to stores and businesses, like Path Talk is now doing - letting you message them.

Just like you text your friends, how about if you could text a restaurant for a reservation, or ask a store if they have an item you want to buy so you could pick it up? Some businesses have an active and reliable presence in social networks like Twitter and are happy to answer you... but most don't. And that's precisely where Path Talk genius comes in.

Instead of trying to lure millions of stores into joining a "high-tech" service that would bring them into the digital age, they simply put a call center in between, converting your messages into actual phone calls to these businesses and then texting you back the results. Meaning: there's no actual requirements for businesses and services to be available - as long as they have a phone and answer calls.

It looks like a very nice feature to have, and I imagine it won't take long for other messaging apps to follow suite. And sure, you can also use Path Talk as any regular messaging app to talk to your friends and groups of friends, and can even set status icons that let them see what you're doing or where you are. Do give it a try...

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