Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why did MS chose Windows 10 instead of Windows 9?

Microsoft has unveiled the next new Windows, and surprisingly, instead of Windows 9 we would expect to follow a Windows 8, we got a Windows 10! Several theories quickly flooded the internet, but the one that seems the most credible tells us this was done to avoid compatibility issues with poorly coded programs.

While some are already saying Windows 10 is going backwards (I don't agree with that), the truth is there's a whole lot of people out there that are using the latest versions of Windows to run very old and obsolete software. And some of those programs are poorly coded and have taken shortcuts to identify the Windows versions they're running on. Things like:

This piece of code assumes the program is running on Windows 95 or 98 (yes, from the last century) if the Windows version name starts with "Windows 9". So, you can imagine how that would work should the upcoming windows happened to be called "Windows 9".

Sure, you're free to choose from any other number of theories, but so far from all those I've seen, this is the one that makes most sense - if only for the fact that I happen to personally know some of those folks that still have to run decades old software on their brand new machines with the latest Windows version.

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