Friday, October 3, 2014

Fing checks who's in your network

We've talked about the risks of using a public WiFi network before, and so today we bring you a nice little tool that you should always keep at hand in your Android or iPhone: Fing.

Fing is a free app (and no ads whatsoever) that allows you to quickly discover every other device connected to the network you're currently in. It shows device names, what they are (when possible), along their IP and MAC addresses. It's a valuable tool not only to find if there's any intruder in your network (maybe a neighbor that cracked you WiFi password); but also to help you identify all those devices you may not even think of (like a router you've setup years ago and forgot its IP address). Don't be surprised to see lots of devices you wouldn't think of, like printers, TVs, and maybe even some smart appliances.

But there's more. You can also check the network reliabilty by doing "pings" and see if there are connection problems; and even check for what services are running on a particular device (a nice way to check for potential "open doors" on a computer). You can also send a magic packet to wake up a suspended device that supports "Wake on LAN" commands.

You can grab it for free in your respective app store:

You can also get Fing for Windows, Mac and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi).

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