Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PhotoMath solves math equations using your smartphone camera

The app many students wished for has finally come true. With PhotoMap anyone can solve math equations by simply pointing their smartphone camera at the problem.

Though some will say this is just another app that will dumb down students, it's simply just another tool that - like any other - can be used "right" or "wrong". If you're struggling to solve an equation to the point of despair, a simple peek with PhotoMath can help you figure out how to do it - because it shows you not only the final solution but allows you to see the solving process step by step.

It's the perfect app to keep right next to the amazing MyScript Calculator that allows you to do the opposite: write down equations and all sorts of math calculatins.

Currently, PhotoMath is only available for iOS and Windows Phone. Android users will have to solve their equations by hand for a few more months - as the Android version isn't expected till early 2015.

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