Tuesday, October 21, 2014

China Unicom provides you a tailor to enlarge your pockets for the iPhone 6 Plus

We all know that technology is becoming more of a fashion statement by the day, but one can't stop wondering if this was really what most people had in mind: for the iPhone 6 launch in China, one operator went as far as providing a in-store tailor to make sure your new iPhone 6 Plus still fits in your pockets.

This isn't actually the first operator to think of it, as KPN has pulled the same stunt in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. But, media stunt or actual consideration for their customers, the truth is that it is highly likely that fashion will indeed be influenced by the ever growing smartphones and phablets.

People will want to carry their devices on their pockets, and next time they buy shirts, jackets and trousers, I'm sure many will prefer the ones that allow them to do so.

If you're one of the proud owners of the new iPhone 6, just how well have you been dealing with its extra-large size? (Even though I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of years from now... one may consider it to be the "regular size".)

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