Monday, October 20, 2014

Spotify Family let's you share the music for half the price

Spotify is one of streaming music service millions of users can't live without, and inevitably all the other members of the family start using it. Now, it allows you to keep your family happy, your musical sanity, and save money as well, thanks to its Spotify Family plans.

It's easy to become addicted to a streaming music service that let's you hear whatever you want whenever you want and download your favorite playlists for offline listening. What's harder to do is find our that your kids added dozens of new playlists to your account, music you have no interest in.

But now you can finally get rid of that while keeping everybody happy, with the new Spotify Family plans. With this plan you can add up to four extra family members, each keeping their own history, recommendations and playlists, paying just half of what you'd have to pay for separate accounts (for each extra family member).
  • You + 1 extra family member $14.99
  • You + 2 extra family member $19.99
  • You + 3 extra family member $24.99
  • You + 4 extra family member $29.99
    * estimated prices based on the 50% discount (US prices have yet to be announced)

You can still use Spotify for free, radio style - where you have no control in what music you'll hear next; or subscribe the premium membership for $9.99/month, where you have complete control over what you want to listen and even download your musics for offline access.

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