Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aaron Swartz's tragic story

In January 2013 the world mourned the death of Aaron Swartz. Swartz might have been young, but he worked in projects that affect millions of people around the internet each and every day. And it's tragic life story is something everyone should know and be aware about... if only to prevent it from happening again to someone else.

Aaron Swartz was born 1986, but it's young age didn't stop him froim developing technologies like the RSS, Markdown,, the Creative Commons organization and Reddit. But unlike most introverted developers, Aaron had a very strong and active participation in civic and political duties, fighting for the freedom of information and stopping things like SOPA.

It was precisely that desire to free all the information that eventually got him into trouble, as he tried to download the projects stored behind MIT's paywall, and quickly becoming the target of a federal investigation that tried to make of him an example that would deter anyone else from trying to do similar things.

Something that would eventually led to his death...

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