Thursday, October 30, 2014

Talkase it's a credit-card sized cellphone

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, to the point that some people are actually considering using devices that, just a couple years ago, would be considered tablets. But today I bring you a Kickstarter project that gives us hope in small cellphone once again: the Talkase, a credit card sized cellphone.

Although slightly thicker, the Talkase is roughly the same size as a credit card, making us remember the time were cellphone manufacturers fought to bring us the smallest and thinnest devices possible. And this Talkase would certainly be one of those worthy devices.

Although we're not talking about a smartphone, it's nice to see that you'll be able to use your Talkase for more than calling. You can also use it as a calculator; and it's also nice to be able to use it paired via bluetooth to another phone - should you decide not to use it as a independent cell phone with its own micro-SIM. If you're too tired of taking your phablet out of your pocket everytime you need to take a call... this might be jsut the thing you need.

The best part is that this small cellphone also comes with a very small price that: just $35 - and that includes a iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 case that allows you to keep the Talkase attached to it. Assuming the project goes according to plan (which sadly is seldom the case with crowdfunding projects) you should get your Talkse by December.

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