Wednesday, October 29, 2014 lets you stream any torrents by simply pasting a link

Torrents are one of the most efficient methods for sharing large quantities of information, and - not surprisingly - being the method of choice for all those sharing videos and movies on the internet. But using torrents isn't exactly the most user-friendly experience... unless you give this new Joker service a try.

If you're used to watching videos on YouTube, the idea of searching for a torrent file, install a bittorrent client, wait for the file to download, and only then watching it, will seem a major hassle - and it is. Thankfully, you'll no longer have to. Just like the polemic Popcorn Time, this Joker comes to change all that and make it as simple as a copy-paste.

Whenever you want to watch any torrent, you need only paste the torrent url link (or magnet url) into the input box, and you'll be able to see it immediately just as if it were any regular streaming video on the internet (like YouTube). I've tried it with several videos, ranging from "low-def" to "high-def", and they all played instantly and - even more impressive - allowed to jump back and forth to any point in the video with no delays.

... I'm sure this service will soon face the wrath of the MPAA and the like. But the thing is... this site is not providing any illegal content; it simply provides a video player that plays whatever you tell it to (not even suggesting you where you can download illegal torrent files - like Google does). If someone goes after it, then it would be the same as going after any other videoplayer developer (or TV maker, because it allows us to watch what we selected.)

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