Saturday, October 25, 2014

The supressor/silencer myth in movies and videogames

Movies and videogames are responsible for "teaching" us lots of things. We all know that a car going down a ravine will explode in a giant fireball; agents can pick a lock in just a few seconds with any wire they can find (except when there's a small child inside a locked burning building); and... silencers make weapons... silent. Well... you'd be surprised.

All it would take for anyone to realize just how "real" movies and games are, would be to stand next to someone shooting an actual gun, with an actual supressor (there's no such thing as silencer in real life). True, a supressor can drastically decrease the noise to less than half it's original level, but we're talking dropping from deafening jet engine levels to simply ear-piercing jackhammer levels. Not exactly the whisper quiet gunshots most people expect.

The following video explains it all, and why - in the end - it won't really matter.

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  1. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by coschdebacha ...


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