Monday, October 27, 2014

Foursquare usage dropping since the Swarm break-up

We all knew it was kind of risky to remove the iconic check-in's from the Foursquare app and launching an entirely new app - Swarm - with that sole purpose. And now statistics are showing it might have been the wrong move.

With Foursquare breaking up in two separate apps, Foursquare + Swarm, and placing its most used feature in the new, less known app, seems to have driven away lots of users. Even though in the beginning the Fousquare visits drop was to be expected, and compensated for with the rise in Swarm usage, now it seems those days are over, and both Foursquare and Swarm are taking a hit.

Foursquare says there's no cause for alarm, and that its web visits are up, and that users are evenely distributed among theirs apps (1/3 using Foursquare, 1/3 using Swarm, and 1/3 using both) - both that's not what independent statistics show.

Might it be that Foursquare signed its own death sentence by pushing their iconic check-ins into a completely separate app and forcing users to follow suit? If you were a Foursquare user how did it affect your routine; do you still use Foursquare or Swarm? (In my portuguese blog, all the comments were in line with the decline shown by these statistics... with most stating they simply stopped using it.)

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